Our Blanx White Shock Blue Formula toothpaste was subject to several studies in specialist research centres, which have demonstrated the safety of using the product, as well as its whitening effect. During the tests we never had any pigmentation issues of the dentin or enamel, even when tested over an extended period.
The temporary slight discoloration of the tongue and mucus membranes is associated to the specific characteristics of the toothpaste, this effect vanishes with adequate rinsing of the mouth.

The characteristic blue colour of the toothpaste is the result of a specific formulation that ensures a greater whitening effect. An inadvertent or improper use, such as contact with the skin, can cause a slight discoloration of the skin but will be removed completely with a warm wash with soapy water.

The inspections carried out by the Quality Control Department, showed no particular anomalies when testing all product batches and when performing a cleaning of the teeth.