How does BlanX White Shock work?

Modified on Tue, 24 Jul, 2018 at 3:55 PM

BlanX White Shock is the first range of products that whitens your teeth in a natural way and without peroxide. 

This new formula produces its effects with the use of light: the active ingredient in the product, ActiluX®, is activated by light, producing a photochemical reaction with the oxygen and water in the surrounding environment (humidity in the air and mouth) to produce radicals that are harmless to the body, but instead can protect it by destroying extraneous organic molecules such as dirt, environmental contaminants, bacteria and yeasts.

This produces a whitening, antibacterial effect as the toothpaste acts on the surface of the teeth, breaking down the complex pigmented molecules into simpler, colourless molecules and removing the bacterial biofilm responsible for caries and many conditions of the oral cavity.

In addition, the product clings to the dental enamel for several hours, forming a thin protective barrier on the surface and continuing to have a whitening and antibacterial effect. All this is due to the action of light, so even after cleaning your teeth, ActiluX® continues to perform its whitening, antibacterial action every time it is exposed to sunlight or light emitted by an appropriate source (LED).

This process is enhanced by the use of the LED device supplied in the White Shock pack, because the more light that is shone on the surface of the teeth, the greater the whitening and antibacterial effect.

The active ingredient ActiluX® does not damage the teeth, because it only acts on the surface, attacking the organic molecules and the bacterial plaque often responsible for the yellow, dull appearance of the enamel.

Furthermore, ActiluX® adheres to the surface of the teeth for a long time, continuing its whitening and antibacterial action even after brushing, and counteracting the formation and hardening of other stains caused by food.

The active ingredient ActiluX® has no aggressive effect on the enamel, but preserves the natural hydration of the gums and mucous membrane.

Re. the period that the action lasts for the three formats:

  1. BlanX White Shock 75ml: the whitening and antibacterial action lasts for many hours after brushing.
  2. BlanX White Shock 50ml + BlanX LED: the whitening and antibacterial action lasts for many hours after brushing. This action is intensified by the use of the LED light head, which activates the ActiluX® already on the toothbrush so that it is then deposited on the enamel in an activated form.
  3. BlanX White Shock intensive treatment: the whitening and antibacterial effect lasts for days after treatment with the LED bite, because the ActiluX® action enhanced by LED light is maintained on the teeth for a long time, resulting in a semi-professional whitening treatment.

ActiluX® only needs to be exposed to light for a few seconds to react successfully. The more the toothpaste is exposed to light from the LED Bite, the faster and more intense the whitening process will be.

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